I-Vy Jr.

Our I-Vy Jr. Programs are a series of programs designed to take a family from the birth of a child with a bleeding disorder through their early school years. The focus of the I-Vy Jr. program is to help parents connect with other parents, establish support Structures, and gain a level of confidence in their ability to set their child up for success in life.


Download the Camp I-Vy Jr. 2017 Info Sheet here.

Camp I-Vy Jr. 2017

Camp I-Vy Jr. is our annual family camp for parents of a child affected by a bleeding Disorder ages 0-10. Families get to spend the weekend connecting with other families in an environment where their children can just enjoy being kids! Camp I-Vy Jr. also provides an opportunity for parents to meet & interact with adults who are living successful lives with a bleeding disorder.

Camp I-Vy Jr. 2017 will take place April 22nd & 23rd at Highland Community Center in Bellevue! You can get all the details on Camp I-Vy Jr. 2017 here

I-Vy Jr. Parent Group

Our I-Vy Jr. Parent Group (for parents of children affected by a bleeding disorder from birth through Kindergarten) meets several times throughout the year. These gatherings, which focus on a different topic each meeting, are led by a parent with guidance from the medical teams at Seattle Children’s Hospital and at the Washington Center for Bleeding Disorders. Often subject area experts join us as well to lend their insight to the discussion!

Check our upcoming events page for the next parent group meeting.