Roz and Ray:


Roz and Ray is a new play from UW Senior Artist in Residence Karen Hartman premiering at the Seattle Repertory Theater this fall.

Roz and Ray follows the close, turbulent relationship between Roz, a pediatric physician and Ray, the single father of two hemophiliac boys. Caught in a devastating chapter of medical and queer history rooted in the 1970s and 80s, this brilliant doctor and devoted parent struggle together over impossible choices. Can they “do no harm” while saving the children they love?

Stephanie Simpson, the BDFW's Executive Director, and Dr. Rebecca Kruse-Jarres, Director of the Washington Center for Bleeding Disorders, have read the play and met with the Seattle Repertory Theater. After a few of the showings we will be serving on panels to further discuss and provide insight into this chapter in the bleeding disorder community's history.  

We are looking forward to sharing this piece of fictional history which promotes awareness of the bleeding disorder community's past, present and future. We will be organizing a couple of opportunities for members of the bleeding disorder community to see the play together, so stay tuned for more info

Information about show times and ticket purchasing can be found on the Seattle Rep's website.

Playwright Karen Hartman will be joining us on Saturday Oct. 1st at our Western Washington Annual Meeting to discuss the play! You can sign up to attend the annual meeting here