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What is a Bleeding Disorder?

When someone has a bleeding disorder, they tend to bleed longer. They do not bleed harder or faster than a person without a bleeding disorder. Small cuts or surface bruises are usually not a problem. More tramatic injuries can result in life-threatening bleeds and crippling deformities of the joints.

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About Our Research

We believe in focusing on evidence-based research in order to provide the best possible access to quality care for bleeding disorder patients.  Together with our partners we will make a difference in the lives of those afflicted by bringing an end to all bleeding disorders and associated pain and suffering. 

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8/1-5 – Camp I-Vy 2016

10/1 – Western Washington Annual Meeting

10/29 – 3rd Annual Bloody Fun Run

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Our Mission

The Bleeding Disorder Foundation of Washington advocates for the health and care of children and adults affected by the challenges of hemophilia
and von Willebrand Disease.

Our mission is to embrace a holistic approach to educating our supporters and empowering those within our community to bring a voice to our cause.
Together we will find a cure.



Declan McNulty underwent a typical circumcision procedure that quickly went wrong as the doctors could not get his bleeding under control. After a 2nd and 3rd procedure doctors felt the bleeding had stopped. Twelve hours later we rushed back to the hospital for a 4th and then a 5th procedure, but by this point Declan had lost 30% of his blood. After the doctors ran a set of blood tests on July 26, 2009 we learned Declan had Severe Hemophilia A, meaning his blood does not clot at all and never will without medication.

Declan’s bleeding disorder is expensive! His medicine (Factor) costs about $1 per unit and treatment amounts are based on weight….


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Equipped with doctors from Seattle Children’s Hospital and The Puget Sound Blood Center. This is a great place for children to run with others just like them, learn how to self infuse, and for the siblings unaffected with bleeding disorders to share their stories.