The Bleeding Disorder Foundation of Washington is very active in advocacy due to the complex challenges facing our State. Washington is very progressive in implementation of the Affordable Care Act. We are one of the few states to have a state-based health care exchange that is working. In addition, the State of Washington expanded medicaid in 2014. As a result, we are the only organization for bleeding disorders that is on the ground in Olympia fighting for bleeding disorder care.

Washington bleeding disorder patients now have a variety of ways to become insured. As a Foundation we monitor how each insurance access point is providing care for bleeding disorders. We work one-on-one with the Washington State Health Care Authority regarding how Medicaid provides care for bleeding disorders. This is critical since 40% of the severely impacted population is on a government health care plan.

We work directly on:

  • Fighting for access to all medications
  • Access to comprehensive care
  • Out-of-pocket cost
  • Implementation of the Federal Basic Health Plan
  • Funding for bleeding disorder research
  • Understanding of bleeding disorders
  • Education of the financial burden to families

We are always stronger when we all have a voice. The bleeding disorder is active in legislation by testifying in Olympia at hearings before the House and Senate. In addition, we have testified before Washington Medicaid and the Insurance Commissioner.

Every year we host a lobby day in Olympia and send attendees to lobby in Washington D.C. We also ask our volunteers, supports and community members to lobby by contacting their legislators regarding important issues that impact bleeding disorders.

The Bleeding Disorder Foundation of Washington has become a leader in the nation for state advocacy for bleeding disorders.